Third year project - Media Analytics

Raymond Hua | 06 December 2018

About Developed a full stack web application for a client. Used data scraped CSV files from an American news website over the past thirty years. Manipulated the datasets into a database. Can search for articles that are in the database. Users can search and returns a list of news articles containing certain words. Trained data into word vector models using natural language processing. Display a d3.js line graph of how frequently the word is used overtime. Find which words are the odd one out and returns it. Find similarity between two words and the frequency of use. Display a TSNE...

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Web Project - Quiz Site

Raymond Hua | 23 June 2018

About Developed a quiz website with two different user groups, player and admin. Admin users can create tournaments, after creating it the back-end fetches an API of quiz data and stores it into the database of the tournament. Players can answer questions from a tournament. If player exits the quiz halfway, the question is saved for them to complete later. Stores the players score into the database after completing the tournament. Shows the players high score history. Used Django as a web framework. Admin users can check all the players high scores from all tournaments.

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Mobile Project - Language Translator

Raymond Hua | 22 June 2018

Summary Made a mobile application that converts ether French, Spanish or Italian into English. Can speak the foreign word to the user. Fetches the API from Google Cloud Translator. Outputs the the translated word in English.

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Web Project - Data Visualisation

Raymond Hua | 21 June 2018

About Developed two identical front-end websites using different frameworks. Displays a bar graph of a selected country and their population for every five years. Displays graph information using an AJAX call to an API. Used Flask and Node.js as web frameworks.

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Raymond Hua | 02 December 2017

About Developed game based on Rougelike. Player can control the game by using arrow keys. If the player can move around the rooms and tunnels. If the player collides with an enemy, a battle would start and randomly choose between the player or the enemy. If the player wins the battle, it would gain health points. If the player loses the battle, it would lose health points. If the player collides with a wall, the player wouldn’t move to the next position. Starts a new level once all the items are picked up from the other level.

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Web Project - Checkpoint Tool

Raymond Hua | 01 December 2017

About Developed a checkpoint marking system. Two modes - students and admin. Teacher can view all students previous records, check scatter graphs of feedback from the students, create a student, delete a student, reset the database and add a new admin user Students can view their previous mark checkpoints as well as adding a new checkpoint once the marked lab is done. Used HTML and PHP.

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